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MULTAI Studios is one of the leading institutes in Hyderabad offering courses in Acting, Direction and Screenwriting along with other Film Making courses.

Here at MULTAI we aid the student to tap both his or her inner resources to identify their ideas and organize them into a coherent vision and materialize the same into an effective cinematic form with a distinct and unique style that carries the mark of his or her personality.


we specialize in:

Interactive Design


Apps Design




  • Add Film making

    We at MULTAI make the best ad films to with its in-house green mat studio and Recording studio and with complete team of Directors of all departments.

  • Green Matte

    The MULTAI Studios is a full service production studio. Our facilities are available for rental as well. That includes a 1,000sqft green screen studio, a rear patio for entertaining, a private green room, and control room, Audio Suite.

  • Audio Recording

    The MULTAI Studio has a big live room with a perfect balance between reflection and absorption which ensures amazing natural sounding recordings in the full frequency range.


Acting Course

Lance Snider working in the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Acting Course for Film, TV and Theater

Actors (or) performers are the personification of a film as they are the ones who appear in the material form on screen. They execute the script, bring characters to life and need to be extremely flexible. They must also have a good voice, a strong sense of expression and be able to transform gestures and emotions. Finally, they should be capable of reproduce life and relationships.

While preparing students for films, television, theater and voice-over, the course teaches script rendering, characterisation, diction, basic techniques, movement, observation, improvisation, role analysis, technique of make-up and basic ideas about costumes. Students are also guided in auditioning, compiling a portfolio and creating a comprehensive show reel.


Cinematography Course

Photobombers rove the office looking for victims

Cinematographer Working

As Sven Nyquist, a world-renowned cinematographer puts it "The art of cinematography is nothing but the art of painting with light". But artistry apart, Cinematography is also a highly technical field. A good Cinematographer needs to know the physics of optics, the chemistry of laboratory processing, the electronics of video cameras and the mathematics of exposure. If ever there was a profession that married science and art, it is the profession of Cinematography. It is the Cinematographers who become the "eye" of the Director, transposing his/her vision into unforgettable images that leave an indelible impression on our minds..

  • Infotainment and digital technology is going through some of the most exciting changes with the advent of ultra high definition imaging solutions, advanced software for non- linear editing, image corrections, color grading, sound recording & mixing, distribution and exhibition. It is imperative for future technicians to be well equipped to handle the artistic challenges of film and television as it embraces futuristic technologies in the coming years.



Ext to our well worn, and slightly wonky pool table.

MULTAI Studios in Screenwriting/Directing

In the film industry, screenwriters are now recognized as being just as important as directors in making films. The cliche still holds true, you can make a bad movie with a good screenplay, but you can't make a good movie with a bad screenplay.

The course of study at our film school includes creative workshops and related courses. Students are immersed in the principles and working methods of a variety of genres and dramatic forms. Through multiple exercises and short film and script projects (both short and feature length), they are encouraged to explore their understanding of the medium, with the ultimate goal of establishing each student’s personal voice.



Justin French UX / Product Manager

A Community at Work.

Working at Envato is about being a part of our internal community. We all work hard to make Envato both a successful company, and a fun, friendly and happy workplace. From catered lunchtime talks, a communal garden, online letterpress tournaments, a lively Yammer channel and the odd ‘party pants’ day in the office, working at Envato is about doing a great job and having a great place to do it at.

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