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What began as one man's vision has gone on to become an integral part of the foundation of MULTAi Studios. MULTAi Studios was set up and has evolved to become the finest post/pre production service studio serving the needs of TV commercials, film makers and advertising agencies all over.

The principal vision behind our initiative, which continues to stimulate its everyday operations, is to give back to the film and television industry an institutional frame work for the formal training of directors, cinematographers, designers, technicians and actors by offering FilmMaking courses like Direction & Script Writing,Cinematography and Acting courses, who will enhance the standards of Telugu Cinema and Television.

Acting Course for Film, TV and Theatre Acting course is our unique course that articulate on the atomistic understanding of the acting and training students on how to make audience to believe on the dissembling and impostor traits of an actor in the whole virtual world of cinema.

Acting course is an "Art of living truthfully under unreal circumstances". Where as Actor is an "Contestant of emotions in that unreal world whose role is to create the same spirit of emotions in the Audience". The truth that occurred on the stage was different from that of real life, but that a 'scenic truth' could be achieved on stage.

A performance should be believable for an audience so that they may appear to the audience as truth.

We believe in analyzing deeply the qualities of human behavior were meant to give the actor an awareness of such human feelings ,and how easily falsehoods, or aspects of behavior that an audience can detect. By considering all these we developed our own hands on approach and attention to the application of acting skills to performing in front of the camera.

If an actor experiences only internal feelings or only physical actions, than the performance is dead. The reason behind this goes back to the union of both psychological and physical. We developed our own BMV theory( Body, Mind and Voice theory) to coordinate all these three at the time of performance.

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