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The MULTAI studio has a nice big live room with a perfect balance between reflection and absorption which ensures amazing natural sounding recordings in the full frequency range. The large space and how we've set everything up also allows musicians to record together in one room, thus capturing the energy of playing live on tape.

A recording studio is a facility for sound recording and mixing. Ideally both the recording and monitoring spaces are specially designed by an acoustician to achieve optimum acoustic properties (acoustic isolation or diffusion or absorption of reflected sound that could otherwise interfere with the sound heard by the listener).

Our recording studios are perfectly made to and designed to be used to record musicians, voice-over artists for advertisements or dialogue replacement in film, television or animation, Foley, or to record any accompanying musical soundtracks. Our recording studio consists of a room called the "studio" or "live room", where instrumentalists and vocalists perform; and the "control room", where sound engineers sometimes with producer(s) as well operate either professional audio mixing consoles or computers) with specialized software suites to manipulate and route the sound for analogue or digital recording.

We have "isolation booths" present to accommodate loud instruments such as drums or electric guitar, to keep these sounds from being audible to the microphones that are capturing the sounds from other instruments, or to provide "drier" rooms for recording vocals or quieter acoustic instruments.

If you arelooking for recording and mixing services, our services in voice over, TV and radio. Whether you are an aspiring musician or a seasoned professional. A voice over artist or a business who needs audio services. We have the experience, the skills and the tools to surpass the requirements of any project, large or small.

MULTAI studio was established with the goal of bringing the relentless standards and unparalleled quality of Hollywood to Nottingham. We offer priceless experience and only the best equipment. Having experience working with the biggest names in the business, none of our engineers are "fresh out of college". Whether you have a preferred engineer for your project or you would like one of our house staff, you can rest assured you have the best team helping you create your vision.

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