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Photography Course

Photography is a wonderful form of expression and communication. Whether you want to tell a story, sell a product or just show how beautiful a certain place you visited is, photography plays an essential role in fulfilling your creative vision.No matter what level photographer you want to become, you need to master the basics. photography course offered by us has been designed to familiarize you in-depth with the basics of photography and digital camera operations. The course is recommended for everyone and specially those who wish to develop your skills and knowledge and capture those images you have always dreamed of.

Skills learned as a result of successful completion of this program include

    . An in-depth knowledge of digital SLR cameras, lighting, post-production, and printing

    . Ability to shoot and edit multimedia and HD video projects

    . Expertise at producing winning bids and managing a successful photography business

    . Research techniques for documentary subjects or news stories visualized through photography

    . Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro) and Lightroom

    . Intimate familiarity with the history of photography and major movements since its invention

    . Knowledge of aesthetic theories of photography and experience with their practical application

    . The ability to work independently in a high-pressure creative environment


    . To bestow training and prepare the candidates to perform

    . To provide the confidence to perform and deliver independently and collaboratively in high-pressure creative environment.

    . To provide knowledge and experience with the art & craft Photography


    . History of photography

    . Introduction to photography

    . Professional photography

    . A guide to your manual settings

    . Techniques for taking professional photographs

    . Lighting

    . Travel photography

    . Photography equipment

    . The great outdoors: nature and landscapes

    . Macro photography

    . Digitally editing your photographs

    . Portrait photography

    . Wedding photography: the basics

    . Wedding photography: the wedding day

    . Wedding photography: presenting your work

    . Photo manipulation techniques

    . Cheesecake and beefcake photography

    . Business photography

    . Product and advertisement photography

    . Fashion photography

    . School photography

    . Photojournalism

    . Sports photography


    . Higher secondary and above; fluency in any one Indian language and English

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